Let's make your upholstery look it's best!

Your home furniture has to be able to stand up to a lot. Spills, stains, pets and small children are some of the destructive forces your furniture could be up against — not to mention the natural wear and tear that takes place over time.

But with the help of Phoenix Cleaning Solutions’ professional cleaning services, your upholstered furniture can be revitalized.

A frequent deep cleaning of your upholstery will ensure longer life of your favorite furniture. Removing the dirt and oils that can eventually break down the fibers in upholstery is crucial to extending the life of your upholstery. Upholstery involves a variety of fabrics types, and we can clean them all, from simple to delicate fabrics.

We have a combined team experience of over 50 years so we know what it takes to get any piece looking it’s best!

How Does Our Upholstery Cleaning Process Work?

When you call us for upholstery cleaning in Raleigh, NC or surrounding cities, we will give you a free initial price estimate. You will find that we are very competitive.

When you schedule an upholstery cleaning, we will give you the final quote after visually evaluating the furniture to be cleaned.

We specialize in handling almost any of type of furniture:

Dining Chairs
Outdoor Upholstered Furniture

Our process for upholstery cleaning begins by inspecting the pieces we are cleaning. Fabrics can vary and we take great care to treat each one uniquely. Sometimes it requires a test for color fastness. 

After inspection we can begin removing dry soil. Pet hair is often the culprit of greatest concern. Then we can pretreat the fabric with appropriate chemistries. We use surfactants and sometimes we use oxidizers. Different fabrics, stains, and soil levels help us to determine the best approach.

Then we use our truck mount hot water extraction machine to pulverize trapped dirt, dissolve stains, and remove dust mites and allergens to restore the fabric. This process leaves your furniture as brilliant as possible. Your upholstery is typically ready for use within a couple hours after cleaning.

We also offer extra protection with an optional application of Upholstery Protector to extend the furniture’s lifespan and prevent future stains. The protectant puts a thin layer between the fabric and future soils. It fills in micro cracks of the fibers helping them repel stains. Today, most fabrics come with some amount of fabric protection from the factory. This treatment simply wears off over time. It’s not a problem because we can simply reapply it to keep your furniture as close to new as possible. 

With the appropriate care, your upholstered living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture can provide many years of use.

Phoenix Cleaning Solutions strives to treat every home as if it were our own.

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