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Raleigh, Durham and other Triangle businesses swear by our superior clean…just read our reviews. We utilize high-end Butler Van technology which is recommended by every major carpet manufacturer. No restaurant or business is too dirty for us. Our clients tell us that they love coming into work when Phoenix Cleaning has been there the night before — the difference is that noticeable!

A clean work environment is proven to increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction. Almost as important, however, is the positive impression and inviting atmosphere a sparkling clean establishment gives its clients and customers. Here’s how we clean commercial carpets and tile areas:

A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Your Business Can Trust

Our commercial carpet cleaning services utilize steam extraction and encapsulation methods for a superior clean. Each project is treated uniquely. We work with the client to develop a plan and frequency that works.

Hard surfaces, like tile and grout and vinyl floors, are often overlooked. So we can tackle those as well. Common janitorial maintenance can leave residue that builds up leaving the floor’s appearance dull, sometimes even extra slippery when wet. Let us restore your commercial hard surfaces.

Our hot water extraction process is simply the best for maintaining commercial carpet. Our special chemistry and years of experience make us the obvious choice among the triangle’s leading property managers. Countless times we are the firm called to restore poorly maintained spaces. Residue is the leading cause of premature commercial carpet wear and abrasion. The extra chemistry left in the carpet acts like a magnet, holding on to the dirt and soil. This reaction makes vacuuming less effective, exaggerates wear, and decreases the life of the carpet.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning has its place in high-rise and difficult to access commercial offices. We have years of experience and industry leading technology to get the carpets cleaned. Sometimes the drying times are critical in office lobbies and a super fast drying encapsulation method is preferred. We are happy to accommodate particular needs of our clients. Every plan is unique to your spaces needs.

We specialize in cleaning these Commercial spaces:

Car Dealerships
Office Buildings
Apartment Complexes

Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs and Surrounding Areas

Phoenix Cleaning Solutions inspects your commercial property and then we prepare a detailed cleaning plan that will leave the workspace immaculate. There are a lot of factors that go into what needs to happen to maintain commercial spaces. Day Care carpet is required to be cleaned far more regularly by regulations. Plus organic stains and kid issues need to be sanitized. So we would recommend a more frequent schedule with specific treatments. We have a number of restaurants on our rotation as well. The carpet and hard surfaces require different visits, chemistry and expertise. Common office space is another type of commercial space that requires the least frequent cleanings. For all commercial cleaning, regularity is critical. Flooring that has consistent use can be destroyed very quickly with improper maintenance.

We strive to have upfront communication so that customer satisfaction is achieved. We will walk through the whole process and answer any questions before moving forward with our work. Our commercial carpet cleaning results will wow you — simply read our reviews online!

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Phoenix Cleaning Solutions strives to treat every home as if it were our own.

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