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Pro Carpet Cleaning Tips

As your Raleigh home cleaning team, Phoenix Cleaning Solutions wants to make sure your carpet, upholstery, hard floors and rugs last and stay looking great for as long as possible. Choosing us for your carpet cleaning service is a good start!

How you care for your home and furniture is important, as well.  We’ve provided this page to share our knowledge so you can effectively clean and care for your carpet and upholstery.  If you ever have questions about carpet cleaning or your home cleaning routine, contact us and we’d be happy to help!

Caring for Your Home’s Carpet

Regular vacuuming is perhaps the easiest and most dependable method for prolonging the life of your carpet.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re vacuuming at home or shopping for a new vacuum:

  • Choose a vacuum cleaner with dual motors, one for suction and the other for the beater bar that loosens dirt.  Canister vacuums and ‘electric brooms’ don’t have a beater bar.
  • Make sure your vacuum cleaner has adjustable and rotating brushes that can loosen ground-in soil, and a strong enough airflow to penetrate to the backing.
  • Make sure the filtration bag is enclosed and adequately limits particles from recirculating into the air.

Carpet Cleaning Emergencies

If you have a cleaning emergency such as pest waste, vomit or a nasty spill, just give us a call! We can talk you through many situations and follow up with Raleigh carpet cleaning services as soon as possible. If you can not reach us immediately consider the following steps as applicable.

Cleaning Pet Waste or Vomit Out of Carpet

These are the number one causes for an emergency situation. Try the following on synthetic carpet, area rug or wool rug.

  1. Blot up all you can (do not rub it in!).
  2. Liberally apply WHITE vinegar.
  3. Blot up all you can (again, do not rub).
  4. Apply 3/4-1 inch covering of table salt over the area to an inch past the effected area.
  5. Let stand for 24-48 hours until salt is completely dry.
  6. Remove salt with a shop vac or spatula.
  7. Give the area a final, thorough vacuuming with a normal vacuum.

We’ve tried this technique ourselves and it works!

Phoenix Cleaning Solutions strives to treat every home as if it were our own.

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